Remembering VidMe, And How It Led To BitChute

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December 1, 2017 is one of the saddest days in my life as a video content creator; a day that one whole calendar year later still makes me wonder what could have been.


I’m talking about the day that VidMe announced that they were closing down.


For those who don’t know, VidMe was a YouTube alternative that was online from 2014 to December 15 of 2017.  The platform was essentially a crossover between YouTube and Reddit.  I started using VidMe about five weeks before they announced that they were shutting down their site, and while the TTOR VidMe channel had only five followers after that time, several of the videos I uploaded there got hundreds and hundreds of views, and I was excited about the possibility of VidMe becoming the primary platform for TTOR videos.


In my article The Long-Awaited Update, And What Is Next For TTOR on my old blog, I talked about how there was no creationist content on VidMe, and how I felt that God wanted me to have a presence on VidMe.  I also said I intended to eventually transition TTOR from YouTube to VidMe.  While I didn’t specifically say so in the article, I had wanted TTOR to be the first YEC ministry on VidMe.  During this time, I was aware of BitChute’s existence, but I was not that interested in BitChute due to its less flashy appearance.  I figured at best BitChute could be a possibility for backing up videos, but since I was smitten by the polish and functionality of VidMe, I was not seriously considering BitChute as a home for TTOR content.


All that changed on the evening of December 1st, 2017.  I was starting my overnight work shift on that night, and I was checking my phone to see what was going on with VidMe.  I noticed that I had a message from a gamer called NathanSifuGaming talking about VidMe closing down soon.  It didn’t take me long to find VidMe’s Medium article where they announced that they were closing down and deleting their site on December 15, 2017.


At first, I was completely crushed.  I had just found an alternative to YouTube that I really liked and was excited about, and it was now being taken away from me, leaving me with just YouTube again.


However, as the night went on, I realized that I couldn’t rely on YouTube for posting TTOR videos due to YouTube’s censoring ways, so not too long after the announcement, I decided to create TTOR channels on BitChute and a now-defunct platform called PewTube, and I decided that while I would keep posting TTOR videos to YouTube, I would also upload them to both BitChute and PewTube.


It’s funny how life works out.  If VidMe had never closed down, I would never have started the TTOR BitChute channel, and TTOR would never have become (to my knowledge) the largest young earth creationist ministry on BitChute with 76 subscribers at the time of this writing, and averaging almost 133 views per video on BitChute.


Looking back, it turns out that God did want me to have a TTOR presence on a YouTube alternative where there were no creationist ministries present, and I did end up becoming the first YEC ministry on a YouTube alternative, and I did end up leaving YouTube completely in order to make an alternative video-sharing platform the primary home for TTOR.  That platform just happened to be BitChute instead of VidMe.


While VidMe closing down crushed my dreams of making VidMe the new home for TTOR videos, it was VidMe closing down that served as the gateway for TTOR into the alt-tech world, and it was the event that lead to TTOR becoming an online ministry that exists almost purely on alt-tech social media platforms.




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