Upcoming Video, New Channel on BitTube

Hello everyone!  Two updates I’d like to give you:

the first is that I am currently working on creating a new video responding to a video that was recently put out by Professor Stick, a YouTuber with over 140,000 subscribers who went after one of my videos earlier this year, which ended up leading to me responding to Professor Stick’s video.  In this recent video, Professor Stick went after Eric Hovind on the topic of tree rings, and what he said was so bad that I have been compelled to make a video response to it.  Look for that video to come out in the next day or two.

the other update that I have for you is that I have finally started uploading TTOR videos to a YouTube alternative called BitTube.  BitTube has view and subscriber counts just like on most video sharing sites, but what makes BitTube unique is that not only do you earn crpto currency when people watch your videos, but you also earn crypto currency when you watch other people’s videos.  You can find the TTOR BitTube channel here.

Thank you for reading!  Be sure to click on the follow button at the bottom of the page, and be sure to follow TTOR on the social media platforms listed at the bottom of the page!

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